Mergers and Acquisitions Guide

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Should a temporary attorney be used for document review for pre-merger filings?

Mergers and Acquisitions Guide

When one company wants to acquire another or when two companies plan to merge, certain documents must be filed with the government if the merger or acquisition of both companies' assets exceeds a certain amount.

Document review attorneys are used to review documents passing back and forth between the parties, as both parties review each other's financials to ensure the merger or acquisition is a good move.

If the assets exceed the amount dictated by the Scott Rodino Act, pre-merger filings must be filed with the government. Reviewing the documents for pre-merger filings becomes time consuming, so attorneys often retain one or more temporary attorneys for the document review process. Legal staffing agencies provide experienced mergers and acquisitions attorneys to review the documents for content.

Once the pre-merger filings are completed and reviewed by the government, and the government determines that no monopoly is formed by the acquisition of one company by another or that there is no monopoly formed by a merger, the parties may continue with the merger or acquisition.



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