Intellectual Property Lawyer

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Can a legal staffing agency help an intellectual property lawyer?

Intellectual Property Lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer prosecutes and defends intellectual property cases—cases that deal with trademark, patent, and copyright law. Often, these types of cases become overwhelmed with extensive document review prior to discovery requests. The discovery process requires that the parties provide documentation to the other parties. In addition to documentation—paper and electronic—interrogatories and requests for admissions may be served on opposing parties.

During the discovery phase, copious documents may be requested and exchanged. Before documents are forwarded to opposing parties, they must be checked for confidentiality issues, particularly attorney-client privilege. Depending on the number of documents requested by the opposing parties, document review could take a considerable amount of time. Retaining an experienced, temporary document review attorney saves a firm time and costs, in addition to providing the ability for the intellectual property lawyer to give more attention to his clients or take additional cases.



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