Healthcare Litigation Support

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Does a temporary document review attorney help lower costs for litigation firms and litigation support firms?

Healthcare Litigation Support

Healthcare litigation sometimes encompasses a lot of time because of the number of documents that pass back and forth between the parties. Firms might hire litigation support firms to help with the litigation preparation process. Both litigation firms and litigation support firms retain experienced document review attorneys to review documents for content.

Documents must be exchanged between the parties during the discovery phase, but certain documents that fall under confidentiality laws are not discoverable. Those documents are separated from discoverable documents prior to sending the discovery package. A healthcare litigation support team might also help the lead attorney review incoming discoverable documents and categorize those documents so that they are easier to locate during settlement negotiations or trial.

A document review attorney is important to both types of firms, as the documents must be reviewed. Retaining a document review attorney allows the attorneys on the case to work on other matters within the case or to even work with or meet with other clients, thus saving the firm time and lowering the firm's and the client's costs.



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