Legal Project Management

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Are experienced temporary attorneys often used for legal project management?

Legal Project Management

Often, health care cases—personal injury cases—are extensive because of the number of documents involved. The bulk of the documents are financial, police, and medical records. When a plaintiff sues a defendant, especially if negligence is involved, the plaintiff expects to be paid for all medical bills and punitive damages.

During the discovery process, numerous documents are exchanged between the parties. Discoverable documents include most correspondence, medical records, police records (usually for vehicular accidents), investigation records, and financial records. In addition to the exchange of documents, at least one set of interrogatories are served. Requests for admissions are also served in most cases.

The documentation must be managed in such a way that confidential documents are not provided to the other party. It must also be managed so that documentation is easy to find during settlement negotiations or trial. Experienced temporary attorneys trained in document review are often retained to review the documents for content. The temporary attorney separates documents that should not be provided because of confidentiality issues or other issues as dictated by the attorney on the case.



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