Should My Firm Retain a Litigation Support Consultant?

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Should My Firm Retain a Litigation Support Consultant?

Should My Firm Retain a Litigation Support Consultant?

A litigation support consultant provides firms, from small to large, with additional help during extensive financial institution litigation and regulation discovery requests. The litigation support consultant provides the extra help needed to sort through and review discovery prior to sending it to the opposing counsel. The support consultant reviews documents for content, separating documents that are not discoverable because of attorney-client privilege or other confidentiality laws.

Extensive discovery is completed whether a case goes to trial or settles. Discovery shows either side if there is any foundation for the case at hand, and helps the parties come to a settlement, if possible. If not, the discovery is used in trial to help the court determine a ruling on the matter.

Discovery should be reviewed and bate-stamped as it comes into the office, so that the attorney has more knowledge of the case at hand. A litigation support consultant that reviews the discovery summarizes the information for the lead attorney on the case.



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