Why Hire a Document Retrieval Company?

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Why Hire a Document Retrieval Company?

Why Hire a Document Retrieval Company?

A document retrieval company retrieves documents needed for discovery, whether electronic or hard copy discovery. Law firms may need a certain statement investigated, such as the ownership of a property, business documents from the state's division of corporations, SEC documents, and any other legal documents needed to help defend a client's case and/or statements.

Why would a firm retain a document retrieval company to do its research? In some cases, the research needed may be extensive, and it is more cost effective to hire a document retrieval company to research, investigate, and retrieve the documents required for the matter at hand.

Once documents are retrieved, they are forwarded to the requesting firm. The firm may then use the documents in its defense of its client. Documents may be provided in discovery requests and may be used in trial or settlement negotiations.



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