Document Review Management

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If a document is suspected to be tampered with, all documents in the case should be examined.

Document Review Management

Products liability and tort cases often involve extensive documentation. Extensive documentation is exchanged between the plaintiff and the defendant. If an attorney's client believes that some of the documents may have been falsified or tampered with, in the best interest of the case at hand, those and all other documents should be reviewed for inaccuracies.

Because of the number of documents, document review management must be put into place to ensure that each document is reviewed and there are no missed documents. A legal staffing agency provides additional staff members to review and manage documentation. Documents may also be digitized for easier access during settlement negotiations, hearings and trial.

A document review specialist looks for pages or sections of documents that have been removed or added to by checking whether the entire document was created with one instrument, checks for different inks used in the same document and other incidences that may show that a document was tampered with.



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