Legal Recruitment Company

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What kinds of jobs does a legal recruitment company hire for?

Legal Recruitment Company

Many firms may turn to a legal recruitment company that recruits staff for all areas of document management and litigation services. In the area of mergers and acquisitions, a legal recruitment company provides staff for document retrieval, document review and project management.

Project management involves managing workflow, vendor relations, and review team personnel. For emails, documents are also assigned keywords for the ‘To' field, the ‘From' field, and the ‘Subject' field. The documents are stored electronically and are easily found—whether for discovery requests, interrogatories, Requests for Admissions, settlement negotiations, hearing, trials or for production requests.

Staff members will work with various firms, including law firms, finance firms and other firms that work with extensive documentation. Staff members who wish to work in mergers and acquisitions should have experience in the fields of finance and mergers and acquisitions, and should be prepared to attend additional training for each client.



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