Litigation Support Consultants

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Do litigation support consultants need to know all areas of law?

Litigation Support Consultants

Litigation support consultants must have experience in their field of litigation. A litigation support agency hires litigation support consultants for complex civil litigation, intellectual property, civil litigation and other areas of law. A litigation support consultant does various duties within the scope of a project, depending on his or her experience.

Consultants work in all areas of litigation support, including scanning and indexing documents, document retrieval, document review and preparation for settlement negotiations, hearings and trials. Support consultants work on a team with other support consultants in order to expedite a project for clients. They are used to working with tight deadlines and are able to multi-task efficiently.

Litigation support consultants are expected to dress accordingly, and must be at the job site on time. They are expected to finish the project they are assigned to, because each litigation support consultant is trained for each individual job assigned in order to provide the best service to clients.



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