Litigation Support Firm

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Where can my firm find additional litigation support?

Litigation Support Firm

Often, even large firms that deal with large, high profile cases need litigation support. If a regular employee calls out for a few days or the case is document intensive (reams of discovery from both sides or many plaintiffs and/or defendants), the firm may need additional staffing. A litigation support firm helps firms manage large cases expediently. Discovery requests, which can be extremely large, go out on time when a firm retains additional, experienced litigation support.

Additional litigation support personnel scan and index documents and assign keywords to the documents (based on subject matter, person name or any other indexing requested by the firm), making each document easier to find. Litigation support personnel also review documents and prepare responses to discovery requests, Admissions and Interrogatories. Since documents are indexed and digitized, documents are easier found and the chance of inadvertently providing a document covered under the attorney-client privilege is greatly lessened.



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