Legal Document Review

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Will legal document review services save my firm money?

Legal Document Review

Legal document review is a pertinent part of document handling. Documents are reviewed for a number of things, including false signatures and altered documentation (adding or removing pages or sections of a document). When a matter with extensive disclosure and discovery comes into a firm, the firm saves money when using legal document review services. To save even more time, money, and storage space, combine legal document review services with document retrieval services, e discovery consulting and electronic document processing.

Legal document review staffers are trained to find discrepancies in documents that could make or break a case. A firm can often rely on and outsourced specialist document review staff to professionally review the documents, then properly categorizes and index the documents to make them easy to find when needed.

Legal document review also allows a firm to easily determine whether documents should not be produced during the discovery process because of the attorney-client confidentiality relationship (usually correspondence, but in certain cases, other documents may be exempted from disclosure).



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