Electronic Document Processing

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How does electronic document processing benefit my firm?

Electronic Document Processing

Firms often take on cases that have thousands of documents—between discovery, communication and pleadings, the number of documents easily piles up, especially in large cases and cases with more than one plaintiff or defendant. Personal injury and insurance cases tend to create a lot of paper, as there is often more than one insurance company involved (each party to the lawsuit often has its own insurance company).

Electronic document processing provides management of all types of documents, including but not limited to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files, CAD files, image files, email files, HTML files, scanned documents and faxed documents.

When a case involves stacks of disclosure and discovery, electronic document processing makes the mound of paperwork much easier to deal with. Documents are cataloged and indexed, making them easier to find, especially when needed at a moment's notice. The discovery process becomes automated, which saves firms time, money, and storage space.



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