E Discovery Consulting

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How can an e discovery consultant help me?

E Discovery Consulting

A firm should be prepared for e discovery before the firm is retained for an active matter. With a good e discovery plan in place, a firm can save time and money—for itself and its clients.

Often with help from a specialist, a firm will have its disclosure reviewed and cataloged days before it is due. When discovery documents come in, the documents should be instantly reviewed and cataloged so that they are ready for settlement negotiations and trial notebooks, should a case go to trial.

A good e discovery consulting outsourcing solution provides a situation analysis so that a firm knows where it is in relation to discovery readiness. They may also provide firms with a discovery readiness assessment, so that the firm knows how prepared it is for discovery requests.

A firm that is ready for the discovery process is able to mitigate costs, the risk of housing electronically stored documents (correspondence, discovery, pleadings) and reduces time spent working with the documents.



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