Litigation Support Company

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Should a small firm hire a litigation support company?

Litigation Support Company

A litigation support company provides litigation support in the form of document review services for securities enforcement cases. Prior to the discovery phase, the attorney must review all documents for confidentiality issues and for documents that fall under attorney-client privilege rules.

The document review attorney reviews the documents and, under the supervision of the lead attorney on the case, separates the confidential documents. If it is a large case, a document review manager and team might be assigned to the case. The document review team organizes and reviews the documents that are being sent in response to discovery requests.

The litigation support company might also be retained to review incoming discovery documents. These documents are in response to the attorney's request for production, interrogatories, depositions, and requests for admissions. The document review attorney reviewing incoming discovery looks for confidential documents inadvertently provided by opposing counsel.



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