Legal Processing Outsourcing Services

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Do securities enforcement attorneys use legal process outsourcing services?

Legal Processing Outsourcing Services

Legal processing outsourcing services are provided by legal staffing firms to law firms with large cases, including securities enforcement cases. Document review attorneys are hired by legal staffing companies to provide legal processing outsourcing services. Document review attorneys review documents for content—specifically for confidential or privileged matter.

During a securities exchange case and prior to settlement negotiations and litigation, the discovery process is started. The discovery process requests documents from the plaintiff and the defendant via requests for production, interrogatories, requests for admissions, and depositions. All these discovery tools may result in copious documents being exchanged.

Prior to exchanging documents, a document review attorney reviews the documents to ensure confidential or attorney-client privileged matter is separated from the discovery responses. Should a confidential document or an attorney-client privilege document be inadvertently forwarded to opposing counsel, it might open the door for requests for other confidential or attorney-client privileged documents, and could negatively affect the outcome of the case.



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