Product Liability Information

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What types of product liability claims are filed?

Product Liability Information

A person that alleges product liability must have suffered an injury from the product. There are three times that injury could occur during the life of a product: before, during, or after the manufacturing process.

If an injury occurs before the manufacturing process, the injury is caused by a design defect—a flaw in the product's design, making the product dangerous. If an injury occurs during the manufacturing process, the injury is caused by a manufacturing defect—a problem with the manufacturing process causes the product to be defective. If an injury occurs after the manufacturing process, the injury is caused by a marketing defect—an injury occurs because of the lack of instructions or warnings.

Document review attorneys provided by legal staffing agencies help attorneys with large product liability cases. The document review attorneys save the lead attorneys the time and costs involved in extensive document review involved with discovery requests for product liability cases.



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