Document Review Management

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Should a firm retain a document review management team?

Document Review Management

Most products liability and tort cases have extensive documentation, especially electronic documentation. Documents must be reviewed prior to being forwarded for discovery requests. Legal staffing services that provide document review management extend the productivity of firms of all sizes.

Products liability and tort document review attorneys are not only experienced in their fields, but are experienced with document review. Document review managers provide several money-saving services for firms, including comprehensive project planning, eDiscovery management, privilege logs, budgetary modeling, and ongoing quality checks.

The document review process is an important part of the litigation process. There are certain confidentiality laws that protect certain documents from production during litigation. The most common is attorney-client privilege. If a document that falls under attorney-client privilege is inadvertently disclosed, this could open the door for requests for other privileged and confidential documents that are related to the document inadvertently produced.



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