Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation

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What documents are provided during pharmaceutical drug litigation?

Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation

Pharmaceutical drug litigation ensues when a person is injured by a drug, including drug side effects, drug injuries, errors in prescriptions, whether by a pharmacist or another medical professional, and medical device malfunctions, among other pharmaceutical matters. The personal injury pharmaceutical lawyers also represent family members of a person that has died a wrongful death because of pharmaceutical errors.

Some medications and medical devices have been recalled due to health risks and certain side effects and malfunctions of drugs and medical devices. Several drugs, including Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra, Ephedrine, Paxil, and Crestor have been recalled.

During litigation, the defendant and the plaintiff must provide documents to one another. Documents include medical records, drug records (FDA records and other drug records), financial statements, and other correspondence and court papers. Some of these documents, especially correspondence between the attorney and the attorney's client, are deemed confidential. These documents should not be provided during the discovery phase of litigation.



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