Legal Staffing Firm

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What do legal staffing firms do?

Legal Staffing Firm

A legal staffing firm hires experienced attorneys in all areas of the legal field. It also provides attorneys and other staff for law firms that need extra help with document review during the discovery process of litigation.

One of the fields that commonly uses experienced, temporary attorneys is mergers and acquisitions. When an issue comes to hand in a merger or an acquisition, the documents provided are generally extensive. All documentation for both companies must be provided to the plaintiff and the defendant. Often, there are many finance documents, pre-merger filings, and other documents relating to the merger or to the issue at hand.

Many of these documents are electronic in nature. Emails are sent back and forth between attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant. Emails are also sent between the attorney and the attorney's client. The emails between an attorney and the attorney's client are usually confidential and not required for production. Emails are also used to send pleadings back and forth between the attorney and the attorney's client.

A mergers and acquisitions document review attorney reviews the electronic documents to determine if the documents fall under certain confidentiality laws or rules, and are not discoverable.



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