Legal Recruitment Company

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Should an attorney work for a legal recruitment company?

Legal Recruitment Company

A legal recruitment company recruits lawyers that have experience with mergers and acquisitions. Lawyers do not necessarily have to have experience with document review, though it is preferred. Lawyers should have experience in the mergers and acquisitions field.

The documents being reviewed by lawyers are usually electronic discovery in a mergers and acquisitions case, though other documents (non-electronic) might be reviewed. The documents are reviewed for confidentiality issues, such as attorney-client privilege. The documents are separated, as they are not disclosed during the discovery phase of a mergers and acquisitions case, unless an attorney has a good reason to disclose these documents.

Most documents reviewed are electronic in nature, such as emails. Often, a client might provide his attorney with electronic discovery, rather than providing the required documents in paper form. Scanning documents to a compact disk saves the client and the attorney time and money in the form of copying costs. It also allows documents to be easily found, as they can be searched via keywords.



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