Litigation Support Consultants

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Can a litigation support consultant find full time work with an intellectual property staffing agency?

Litigation Support Consultants

A litigation support consultant helps law firms with the discovery process by reviewing documents for content. There are some types of documents that are not discoverable—most notably certain documents between an attorney and the attorney's client. If confidential documents are inadvertently provided, there is the possibility that other documents that are privileged and/or confidential may be requested, and might have to be provided.

Litigation support consultants are experienced in document review for content, allowing even smaller firms to manage large intellectual property cases. The litigation support consultant provides extra eyes and hands, so that the attorneys on the case are able to spend valuable time on other aspects of the case or with other clients.

Litigation support consultants must be able to change track as jobs change. When working for a legal staffing agency, a litigation support consultant moves to another job with another firm as soon as one job has been completed.



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