Health Care Lawyer

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Should a health care lawyer retain a temporary document review attorney?

Health Care Lawyer

Health care lawyers work in the health care field—mostly with health care facilities and insurance companies. Whether the health care facility is a doctor's office, a hospital, or a nursing home, all are subject to malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. When a patient files a lawsuit against a health care facility, the lawsuit results in copious documents transferred from the plaintiff to the defendant. Generally, the patient has an attorney, the patient's insurance company has an attorney, the health care facility has an attorney, and the health care facility's insurance company has an attorney.

All documents provided by the parties are also provided to the insurance companies. The documents must be reviewed for attorney-client privilege issues and other confidentiality issues. Documents that fall under certain confidentiality rules are not discoverable and must be removed from any discovery packages.

Additionally, health care lawyers will send interrogatories and requests for admissions to the other parties, including the insurance companies. Interrogatories and requests for admissions often result in additional documentation being exchanged between the parties. These documents must also be reviewed for confidentiality matters.



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