Forensic Document Expert

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Are some documents in health care cases considered non-discoverable because of confidentiality matters?

Forensic Document Expert

Health care cases often will use a forensic document expert to review documents for authenticity. During the discovery phase, documents must be provided to the other party, and the other party must provide documents to you. Documents include (but are not limited to) correspondence, financial records, and medical records.

Some documents are not discoverable—that is, they fall under certain confidentiality laws. The most common type of document that falls under confidentiality law is a correspondence between an attorney and the attorney's client. Before documents are forwarded to the other party, they must be checked for attorney-client privilege and other confidentiality matters.

Hiring an experienced temporary attorney to review documents before they are sent and to review documents received by the other party saves the attorneys on the case time. Depending on the size of the case, hours are invested in document review. A temporary attorney saves the attorneys on the case these hours, which allows them to work with clients on other, more pressing matters.



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