Hart Scott Rodino Antitrust Act

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What is the Hart Scott Rodino Act?

Hart Scott Rodino Antitrust Act

The Hart Scott Rodino Antitrust Act was implemented by the federal government in 1976 to prevent monopolies created by mergers and acquisitions. Large mergers and acquisitions must file pre-merger documents if they meet certain tests.

During this period, documents are reviewed carefully to see if they meet the tests required under the Hart Scott Rodino Antitrust Act. If the merger or acquisition meets these tests, pre-merger documents must be filed with the federal government. The government then reviews the filings to ensure that the merger or acquisition does not create a monopoly.

Depending on the number of companies involved or the amount of assets the companies have, including stock, the documents to be reviewed are quite extensive. Firms working on merger and acquisition cases often hire temporary attorneys from legal staffing agencies to review the documents for content. Retaining temporary attorneys leaves more time for the lead attorneys to work on other factions of the case with their clients, or to work with other clients, thus saving everyone time and costs.



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