Legal Process Outsourcing Companies

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Do legal process outsourcing companies have experienced attorneys that do not need extensive supervision?

Legal Process Outsourcing Companies

Legal process outsourcing companies provide experienced, temporary attorneys to help with all manner of litigation preparation, and are especially useful for cases with copious amounts of discovery.

Discovery must be reviewed prior to sending it to opposing counsel for confidentiality issues, particularly attorney-client privilege documents. Documents may be electronic (such as email), hard copy documents, or facsimile documents. Other confidentiality issues may also arise, preventing documentation to be provided as discovery.

Incoming documents, responses to interrogatories, and answers to requests for admissions (all part of the discovery process) must also be reviewed for content. Temporary attorneys who are trained to review documents in an expeditious manner save a firm countless hours of document review. During the hours saved, the attorney on the case has time to see other clients or to work on the current client's matter, thus saving time and money for the firm and its clients.



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