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Should I retain a temporary attorney to help with discovery requests?

Legal Staffing Jobs

Financial institutions sometimes enter into litigation over regulations that regulate their operation. When litigation starts, a complaint, answer, and counter complaint are filed, then the discovery process starts. When discovery starts, it often becomes complicated in that there are numerous documents provided between the parties. The documents include financial records, documentation regarding regulation of financial institutions, interrogatories, and request for admissions.

The documents may be provided via paper copies, electronic files, or a combination of both. If provided electronically, paper documents are scanned to a compact disk and forwarded to the opposing counsel. Paper copies are couriered or mailed to the opposing counsel.

Before the documents can be forwarded to opposing counsel, an attorney must review the documents for attorney-client privileged matter or other confidential documents that are not discoverable. This can be a time-consuming process. A company that provides legal staffing jobs supplies experienced attorneys to help a firm with the task of sorting and bate-stamping documents to be provided during discovery.



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