Should My Firm Retain an Electronic Discovery Consultant?

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Should My Firm Retain an E Discovery Consultant?

Should My Firm Retain an Electronic Discovery Consultant?

If your firm is not set up for electronic discovery, or e discovery, Compliance LP provides e discovery consulting. Your firm should be ready for e discovery before you start working on a case wherein e discovery requests will be forwarded to you, even if it is a small case.

An e discovery consultation shows you how ready your firm is for e discovery. You may have some practices implemented already. An e discovery consultation also shows you how ready your firm is to respond to an e discovery request.

Once this information is in hand, a consultant helps the firm create a plan to make e discovery efficient. Once your firm is set up to handle e discovery requests, it can handle these requests effectively and for a minimum cost. Not only are costs mitigated, but the time and risk of housing unnecessary documents, irrelevant documents, and storage of one document over different types of media are mitigated.



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