What Are Antitrust Claims?

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What Are Antitrust Claims?

What Are Antitrust Claims?

Antitrust claims are often filed because the plaintiff determines a monopoly is involved in the selling of a product or service. There are many reasons that a plaintiff (usually a retailer or a wholesaler) might think he or she has an antitrust claim, including these few reasons:

  • You are being charged more for products than a competitor is being charged, and you get your products from the same company.
  • A manufacturer makes promotional programs available to competitors and not to your establishment.
  • A competitor has more than 50 percent of the market in your area, and is doing things (such as special promotions or unfairly lower prices) to injure your business by removing the competition.
  • A company, through acquisitions, created a monopoly that injures your business, or two companies work together to create a monopoly that injures your business. This can be done by the two companies by agreeing to significantly lower prices so that those two companies take all the business, leaving you with none, as you cannot lower your prices to match theirs, without taking a loss.



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