Legal Process Outsourcing Services

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Should a firm use legal process outsourcing services in large securities enforcement cases?

Legal Process Outsourcing Services

A legal recruiting firm provides legal process outsourcing services in legal fields including securities enforcement. Law firms often use temporary legal help when they are hired by entities for large lawsuits, whether for defense or plaintiff work. Firms may also hire temporary legal help when an employee is on sick leave, family leave or vacation.

Securities enforcement cases often involve extensive documents. To make working with these cases easier, a legal document and outsourcing services firm can digitize documents. Staff, including temporary staff then easily finds documents required for discovery, interrogatories, admissions, settlement negotiations, hearings and trials. The documents are assigned keywords and indexed.

Documents are also reviewed by legal process outsourcing services personnel. The documents can be marked as discoverable or as falling under attorney-client privilege and not discoverable. If needed, documents can also be reviewed by a forensic document reviewer for inconsistencies and forgeries.



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