Litigation Support Services

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Should attorneys involved in pharmaceutical cases retain a litigation support services firm?

Litigation Support Services

Pharmaceutical cases are often extensive because of the amount of documentation involved. Insurance companies (represented by their own attorneys) for the plaintiffs and defendants are also involved, increasing the amount of “paper” that goes between attorneys.

Litigation can be complicated in a case involving so many people. A legal staffing agency provides litigation support services for attorneys involved in pharmaceutical cases. Support services include but are not limited to additional staff (attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals), document retrieval, document review services and document management services.

Documents are digitized for a particular case and indexed by keywords. Keywords are chosen based on subject matter and names within each document. Documents include email, PDF files, Excel, Word and PowerPoint files, and image files. Once documents are digitized, they are easier to find, which saves a firm time, money and storage costs. Documents needed for a particular discovery request or for other reasons could be searched for via keyword. Litigation support personnel is also available to create extensive document notebooks for discovery, settlement negotiations, hearing and trial.



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