Legal Process Outsourcing

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Should my firm retain a legal process outsourcing firm to process intellectual property documentation?

Legal Process Outsourcing

Copyrights, trademarks and patents for intellectual property must be applied for through the Patent Office. The process can be tedious, especially for patents. Firms often use legal process outsourcing for document review and for preparing the extensive applications.

When documents are digitized, the process becomes much less cumbersome. Many legal staffing sources provide legal process outsourcing to help expedite the intellectual property process. With them, documents could be scanned and indexed so that they are easier to find.

Choose a professional legal process outsourcing staff that is experienced in the field of intellectual property. When the application—whether for patents, trademarks or copyrights—is completed and ready for the attached documentation, the legal process outsourcing staff should print a copy of the documents needed for the patent, copyright or trademark application, and then assemble a package together for the attorney's final review before sending it off to the Patent Office.



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