Legal Project Management

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Does proper legal project management expedite a document-intensive case?

Legal Project Management

Most civil cases and many criminal cases, especially high profile cases, have extensive documentation—whether because there is more than one plaintiff and/or defendant or because the dollar amount involved is high. Legal project management of these cases could be extensive because of the number of documents produced. If a firm is small to medium-sized and does not see these types of cases every day, that firm may not have the staff to properly manage the project. The firm would then need to retain temporary staff members to handle the documents produced by the case.

It is not only time consuming to find properly experienced staff to work one or two cases, but it is expensive. For every person the law partners must interview, an hour or more is taken away from casework. Many legal staffing firms provide professional, temporary staff to help with large legal project management tasks, including document review and digital discovery services.



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