Legal Staffing Agency

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How does a legal staffing agency help with Hart Scott Rodino Act cases?

Legal Staffing Agency

The Hart Scott Rodino Act helps the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice challenge anticompetitive acquisitions and mergers before they happen. Cases involving the Hart Scott Rodino Act are often document intensive—these cases can “rob” a firm of valuable time and money better used for actual litigation or settlement negotiations.

A legal staffing agency provides legal staffing to firms with document-intensive cases. The staffing agency manages documents that need to be provided to opposing counsel and manages document that come in under the discovery procedure.

If the government agency reviewing a merger determines that the deal requires further review, the agency will issue what is known as a request for additional information (commonly referred to in the industry as a Second Request).

A legal staffing agency can provide extra manpower to navigate through the mountains of documents that can become involved in one of these matters. The staffing agency can produce teams of attorneys to review and code documents for relevancy, confidentiality, and privilege.



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