Focused Legal Professionals

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Is it important to have a focused legal professional working on a complex litigation case?

Focused Legal Professionals

Complex civil litigation often entails business litigation involving numerous parties or a large amount of money. This type of case usually has an inordinate amount of discovery, for which focused legal professionals are needed. Discovery experts are trained to catalog and organize extensive documentation generated in a complex civil litigation case.

Complex civil litigation may settle out of court or it may make its way to trial if the parties cannot come to an agreement. Organization of documents is important not only for disclosure, but for settlement negotiations and trial notebooks.

Class actions lawsuits are also considered complex civil litigation. Class action lawsuits often have more than 50 plaintiffs. Each plaintiff is required to provide documentation outlining the damage he or she suffered in order to show that he or she is entitled to part of the settlement or court order.

A focused legal professional organizes and digitizes the plaintiff's documents so that information for each plaintiff, including emails and other correspondence, is easily found.



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