Forensic Document Examiners

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When should forensic document examiners be used?

Forensic Document Examiners

A forensic document examiner reviews documents for inconsistencies that show a document was tampered with. Inconsistencies may include different inks used, different printer/typewriters used or pages not matching properly. A falsified or altered document can mean the difference in winning or losing a products liability case or a tort case.

Forensic document examiners are trained to look for certain inconsistencies within a document. If you notice a possible inconsistency, you should retain a forensic document examiner to review all documents involved in the case—both documents received in a discovery request or provided in a discovery request. If you inadvertently provide an altered document, your whole can be blown out of the water. Forensic document examiners also prove useful for reviewing documents provided in interrogatories, requests for admissions and documents provided pursuant to any other type of request in a products liability case and/or tort case.



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